Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the services of Topcubanhostels instead of launching myself to the adventure and personally managing my accommodations once I am already in Cuba?

It is an option but in our experience it may not be the best. Several years in the provision of these services have led us to know cases of tourists who have traveled this way to Cuba and have been involved in scams that have put them in compromised and even dangerous situations. We do not mean that it is always like this, but it can happen and in fact has happened. Therefore we recommend that you book in advance the accommodation with services like ours, reliable and safe, to avoid unpleasant situations, especially if you travel with children or elderly people.

Why book in a private house and not a hotel?

 There are several reasons why we believe that the experience in a rental house will be much more authentic and enriching. Firstly because staying in a Cuban home, with a local family, puts you in touch with the very essence of Cuban culture and customs. Undoubtedly this is one of the main attractions of the island for the foreign visitor. In addition, it is known that Cubans are friendly and talkative so you will have more than a guide, you can count on teachers of popular wisdom and cubanisms, which leads to the second advantage: the practice of the Spanish language. As a third advantage we have the fact that you can invite your room to Cuban friends, a situation not allowed in hotels. Finally, the fourth advantage would be the difference in prices between private rental houses and hotels, which does not correspond to the quality difference between the services offered by each other.

Do I have to pay in advance? Why?

Our primary duty is to satisfy our clients in the best way possible, achieving through the exercise of this premise that the owners of the rental houses that work with us obtain the best possible benefits of our relationship and therefore our income increase accordingly . To achieve this, we must handle situations such as false reservations or reservations that, although confirmed, never translate into the arrival of the client to the reserved house. These situations significantly affect homeowners, making them lose money they could have earned from having booked that room to other customers and affect Topcubanhostels who invests time, money and effort throughout the management process. Therefore, we have created two payment scenarios that help us to minimize these problems without affecting our customers.
  1. Hybrid payment. An initial amount in advance (about 15% of the total amount) and the rest once the customer registers in the reserved house.
  2. Full payment once the customer registers in the reserved house.

The first of these methods is the one that will be used by default with all customers who wish to make a reservation with Topcubanhostels. If it is impossible or excessively cumbersome to make the initial payment, for reasons beyond the control of both parties, payment method number 2 will be used.

Should I go alone to the rental house or can someone take me there from the airport, the bus terminal or anywhere else?

Customers are responsible for arriving at the rental house where they have booked their room. However, most homeowners offer the airport pick up service if you request it. If you wish, please let us know when we get in touch with you after filling out the reservation form on our website.